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With the rain finally ending on Sunday, Luke was able to sneak out for a hog hunt with his Marlin 30-30 lever action (iron sights) to try his luck in bringing home a little bacon. As you can see, Luke made a perfect shot on this young boar and now has a little extra pork for making some sausage.
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Mexican Stew
Join Luke and friends June, 8th -12th 2019 for a fun filled 5 day Canadian fishing trip at Iskwatikan Lake Lodge.
Cost for float planes into and out from the lodge, 5 days of lodging in comfortable cabin, boats, fuel, fish cleaning is approximately $1,000 US dollars.

Visit the website and feel free to contact Luke directly at
Iskwatikan Lake Lodge
Hog Hunting at the Choctaw Hunting Lodge March 2019
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Don't miss your chance to sit around the campfire and share stories with hunting legend (Mr. Whitetail) Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton as they will be hosting a hog hunt at the Choctaw Hunting Lodge in March 2019.

The actual date of the hunt is yet to be determined.
This hunt will be limited a small group of hunters.
More details to follow...